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Case Study

Class action with thousands of claimants 

The Challenge

In this high-profile, precedent-setting medical class action, our client needed an information management solution to track thousands of claimants’ employment and medical records dating back many years. This case required two facets that needed to be processed and managed simultaneously. There was the standard documentation involved in the legal action and the claimants’ dynamic profiles.

The Response

Custom forms were created to rapidly capture the claimants’ information.
The dynamic profiles of those who were still being exposed to danger or undergoing treatment were tracked.
Records were tagged and stored within Docwize enabling ongoing updates as the case developed.
Reports and dashboards were generated to help the client validate the claim.

The Result

Docwize housed all the documents and data relevant to the case. 
Reports were effortlessly produced. 
Workflow was managed. 
Claimants could easily be updated regarding case proceedings.  
The legal team could manage the case and claimants effectively. 
The legal team secured a favourable result.

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