A modern and advanced software solution to collect, review and manage evidence.

The problem

The nature and scale of information and documentary evidence as well as the types and sources of data have changed dramatically. Dispute and forensic investigators are overwhelmed by the enormous volume of data that must be analysed and distilled as well as the challenge of working with massive digital data sets from a time and resource perspective. These data sets are also inherently insecure. Docwize Insight provides a modern and advanced software solution to process, analyse, review, and share data and evidence.

The Docwize Insight Solution:

Docwize Insight is a secure data management and retrieval system for all types and sources of data-driven, large-scale disputes. Our powerful software and search functionality enable you to quickly access, analyse and review your data sets to find the relevant evidence. This not only expedites the claims, litigation and e-Discovery process but gives you a major strategic advantage to win more cases while freeing up valuable resources.

Text clustering: Interactive data exploration

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e-Discovery and case preparation

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